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How To Scale Recruitment With A Virtual Recruiter: Accurate, Quick, and Performance-Based

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July 27, 2021
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How To Scale Recruitment With A Virtual Recruiter: Accurate, Quick, and Performance-Based

Moving beyond simple personnel administration, Human Resources departments have gone through many changes over the years. One of the most recent shifts in HR has been a move to hybrid or virtual models of hiring. According to a LinkedIn survey, "70% of talent professionals say virtual recruiting will become the new standard." This is a significant change that marks the beginning of both a new way of doing things and a new era in the world of work. Keep reading for a closer look at the many advantages of using a virtual recruiter in your business.  

Recruiting Talent With A Virtual Recruiter

End-to-end virtual recruiting processes are rising in popularity and quickly becoming the new standard in hiring as employers recognize their benefits. When you think of the traditional, in-person approach to recruiting and managing people, there are many challenges that Human Resources staff must overcome. Some of the most common obstacles to legacy recruitment processes are :


The traditional approach to recruiting and hiring new employees is almost entirely manual. Candidates must be found through job ads (online or otherwise), and application materials must be individually read and processed by someone on your Human Resources team.


The manual process mentioned above means that the speed at which you can hire and onboard new employees is entirely dependent on the size of your HR team. If you need to hire a large number of people in a relatively short time, your HR team may struggle to keep up.


While a large HR team might make sense if hiring is consistent throughout the year, you may find yourself with a bloated department if hiring occurs in seasonal spurts. Achieving flexibility in the number of HR representatives you have on staff at a given time is a challenge in and of itself.


With so much of the hiring process resting on the impressions that HR representatives have of a candidate, consistency can be hard to enforce. Even with a strict evaluation rubric, each recruiter may develop their own hiring style, leading to greater weight being placed on preferential aspects of a candidate's profile—whether that's job history, educational background, or personality type.

Hiring Bias

The personal subjectivity involved in a hiring process based on face-to-face interviews opens the door to hiring biases your recruiters may be utterly unconscious of. Even with years of training, these unconscious biases are difficult to remove entirely and can negatively impact your company's level of diversity, the type of talent you attract, company culture, productivity, and more.


It is difficult for hiring managers to determine how a candidate will perform when their decisions are based solely on first impressions. Past job history isn't always a reliable measure of actual skills and can lead to hiring candidates who look good on paper but perform poorly once in the role.

A Modern Approach : On-Demand Virtual Recruiting Solutions

The obstacles innate to the traditional hiring process are clear, but not insurmountable with the help of the right technology. Recruiting solutions that can be used on an as-needed basis, like HiringBranch pre-hire assessments, can help recruiters hire more quickly and efficiently. These pre-hire assessments deliver performance-based results for a more accurate and relevant picture of the candidate's skills.

The pre-hire assessments help recruiters accurately assess the skills that will help the candidate succeed in their role and the company reach its goals. These assessments can be tailored to specific roles and adjusted as needed.

The best option in today's constantly evolving workplace is to replace manual recruiting processes with a virtual recruiter. This not only eliminates the obstacles mentioned in the previous section but also helps make better hiring decisions.

What Are The 5 Biggest Advantages Of Using An Automated Virtual Recruiter?

With so many challenges to hiring high-quality employees using traditional methods, the advantages of using an automated virtual recruiter become clear.

Consider the following benefits of choosing virtual recruitment automation:

LearningBranch_high quality output
Count on high-quality output

Designed specifically for high volume hiring—virtual recruitment allows you to quickly and efficiently sort through a high volume of applications and quickly discern which candidates would be well suited for the role.

LearningBranch_proven metrics
Use proven frameworks for testing

Don't just assume that your candidates have the language skills you need, put them to the test in scenarios that mimic the real-life situations they'll encounter while on the job.

LearningBranch_save time
Save time

Results are available immediately—pre-hire assessments let you compare data on a range of candidates quickly so that you can make better hiring decisions, faster.

LearningBranch_Save money
Reduce recruitment costs

Rather than wading through application materials manually, your HR team can quickly and easily assess candidates on a range of standard skills—reducing the time spent evaluating candidates and the associated costs.

LearningBranch_reduce recruitment bias
Minimize recruitment bias

As diversity finally gains recognition as the business-critical imperative it is, minimizing bias in the recruitment process will become essential. Virtual recruiters can help eliminate personal bias from the hiring process, so you select only the candidates who are best suited for the job.

LearningBranch_standardize process
Standardize the process

By standardizing the hiring process, you can enjoy a streamlined and effective set of hiring practices you can use to ramp up quickly in peak seasons—matching the ebbs and flows of your company's hiring cycles.

The challenges that HR faces in the modern world necessitate constant adaptation. The old management models will be unable to meet the new demands. For this reason, Tech giants such as Amazon, Infosys, and Accenture are joining the “future”, shifting gears towards a transparent and efficient process of virtual recruitment.


The New Standard of Hiring

For the forward-thinking companies who've led the wave, using a virtual recruiter has proven to be a highly reliable and effective solution for the challenge of selecting candidates who perform exceptionally well on the job.

It's a fast, effective, and risk-free way to ramp up your hiring process when you need new employees fast. In addition, it gives candidates a preview of the work they will be tasked with doing daily, so they can decide if the job is right for them before accepting the position. This level of mutual transparency leads to lower levels of attrition, higher levels of job satisfaction, and increased productivity.

Ready to start hiring perfect-fit candidates that can deliver world-class support? Contact us today to discover how virtual recruiting can help you grow.

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