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Thank you for calling. That is frustrating when your video freezes during a work call. I can definitely help you troubleshoot what is happening and see if it is related to the speed of your internet.

Stop assessing help desk soft skills manually. Rely on AI to do it faster.

Take the guesswork out of interviews

Help desk agents need to manage frustrated or anxious customers with care. It requires analytic skills alongside empathetic skills. How do you know for sure from an interview who has those skills?

Hire with confidence using AI: the recruiter's new secret weapon.

Know (in order of fit) who in the candidate pool has what it takes to resolve technical issues for your customers.
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Candidate Experience

Candidates respond to scenarios with open speech or text as if they were already on the job. Our AI picks up their soft skills then measures and ranks them so recruiters know who to prioritize.
You are an IT help desk agent working at a company that offers a video conferencing platform.
Listen to the following call from a customer. Respond to the customer. Let them know that you understand their specific issue and that you are going to help them.

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For help desk teams of
20 to 200+
, in-house or outsourced

Our AI assesses top sellers so you can find more top sellers.
Improve CSAT
Proven to improve CSAT and first call resolution with AI excellence.
Modern CX
Show candidates you use streamlined avant-garde hiring technology.

OnRamp knows (at scale and in an instant) which
candidates can do help desk best

Training help desk candidates for staffing
"HiringBranch gives me an exciting way to assess people early on. I confidently know who can do the job. My clients are going to get better results with HiringBranch’s assessment. It’s brilliant for volume hiring"
John Capozzi, OnRamp Careers

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some of our happy customers
Some of our happy customers

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