Inside HiringBranch Artificial Intelligence

At HiringBranch we developed our own AI Governance Framework based on guidance from the Government of Canada’s Algorithmic Impact Assessment, the Institute of Corporate Directors, and NuEnergy.ai.

Developing the HiringBranch AI

Today it is a proprietary SaaS solution used by some of the world’s largest enterprises to improve their high-volume hiring outcomes.

The AI is built from NLU, NLP, and supervised algorithms that work in conjunction with the HiringBranch proprietary People Skills FrameworkTM. Using industry and role-based scenarios tailored to the employer that elicit open-ended responses, the technology is capable of text and speech analysis.
Ingests large data sets to recognize, process, and tag text, and/or voice content.
It can classify, triage, personalize, and service structured and unstructured data from scenarios unique to each organization.
Assess potential candidates for their soft skill abilities and provide hiring teams with clear recommendations based on how the algorithms have been adapted to the unique preferences of the employer.
The HiringBranch AI was developed as a solution for soft skill and communication assessments. The technology was built by an in-house development team from the ground up.

Ethical and secure technology with transparent decision-making

HiringBranch has documented methodology to test datasets against biases and other unexpected outcomes using statistical analysis. Assessment scores are fully automated, applied across assessment methods, and aggregated. The technology’s assessment data is analyzed and validated for test content, response methodology, assessment structure, scores, and outcomes.
Establish assessment reliability
Eliminate bias
Identify inconsistencies
Determine performance issues

HiringBranch has documented methodology

The only personal information collected from candidates is a name and an email address, using individual consent for disclosure under an authorized usage agreement. The system is compliant with both the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and The Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA).
Deployed on AWS, the system:
Proactively addresses identity
Access management, detection
Infrastructure protection
Data protection
Incident response measures

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