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Forget moving one pre-hire metric, this is never-seen-before data on what the HiringBranch assessment is capable of AFTER THE HIRE.

Skills assessments proven to improve performance

Measure candidate communication and soft skills using AI assessments tailored by role and industry. For high-volume hiring. Better results guaranteed.

Empowering over 500 recruiters 
inside global enterprises

The recruiter’s best friend

Imagine an interview where you don’t test for soft skills.

You already know them. And you’ve already seen this candidate do the job.

Measure soft skills

with science

You look for a unique set of skills for every role. Make faster, better hiring decisions with AI that scores the skill sets your candidates need to be top performers.

Not just any job, see candidates do your job

Forget generic assessments and multiple choice behavioral tests. Get accurate readings on candidates with open-speech ‘on-the-job’ tasks while setting expectations with candidates.

You are a customer service agent working at a insurance company.

Listen to the following customer call. Respond letting them know that you understand their issue and that you are going to help them.

Listen audio:


Standardized, unbiased
hiring globally and across outsourced teams

Operationalize your hiring data for global hiring
decisions and finally leverage hiring as a revenue driving centre.

Drive business outcomes

in-house and across outsourced teams

HiringBranch proves time and time again that better inputs make better hires who stay longer.

Why everybody in the company loves HiringBranch

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Fast guidance

Know instantly who has the skills to do the job, so you can move on to your next task.

Modern candidate experience

Create the best first impression for candidates by giving them a modern assessment tailored to your industry.

Total visibility and history

Allow managers and recruiters to access candidate scores and location performance.

Dedicated account management

Meet regularly with your dedicated success manager so you can correlate performance with assessments.


Better performance

Reduce the cost of bad hires. Our better performance guarantee demonstrates our commitment to your bottomline.

Standardization + data

Measure candidate skills at the global level and make global standards and strategic decisions with data.


Work alongside one of the most innovative AI teams trailblazing the future of skills-based hiring.

Outsourced call centers

Partner service

Work hand-in-hand with our proactive success team to build the custom reports you need to shine in client meetings.


Efficiency is everything when your profitability is on the line. What’s more efficient than evaluating skills at scale with 99% accuracy?

More than language

Hiring can't rely on language only. That’s why we designed our assessments to measure what candidates say and how they say it for a full employability assessment.

What if your company could predict which candidates would be high quality before they ever got through the front door? This is the hope of most employers, but many haven’t figured out how to make it happen. HiringBranch doesn’t just claim this--they offer a guaranteed improvement on employee KPIs, which proves that their AI is about results, not hype. Companies with high volume needs should definitely take a look.

Recruiters have been spared millions of manual assessments thanks to HiringBranch







HiringBranch has made hiring easier and faster

We screen a huge number of candidates automatically. HR used to sit in 15-20 minute interviews consuming a huge amount of time. That time is cut by 80% now.

Anonymous, Infosys
HiringBranch is accurate, challenging and relevant

It instills confidence in our processes as we move
towards a No-Interview Model.

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