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How to hire the top 10%

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July 12, 2021
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How to hire the top 10%

How can you reliably identify the top 10% of performers out of the many applicants that apply for frontline positions?

This is a challenge faced by contact center and frontline recruiters around the globe.

Application forms do not tell the whole story. And off-the-shelf assessments mostly test an applicant’s ability to correctly guess how to answer multiple choice questions. Interviews provide more information but are too time consuming, costly and subject to human bias.

Clients want quick, automated, accurate and cost-effective assessment solutions that eliminate human bias.

The best way to know if an applicant can perform as required is to put them in that position, and then watch, listen and score.

Our clients do just that with communication skill assessments that re-create real world scenarios that candidates must respond to. They listen to client’s requests and then record their candidate’s responses.

The solution combines automated speech communication screening with human scoring of voice recordings. This hybrid approach scores real-life skills including listening comprehension, grammar, multi-tasking, spoken pronunciation, chat and voice recordings.

This means companies can reliably identify those candidates placing in the top 10% of all applicants. This reduces time to hire and increases the number of top performers making it to the front line, while completely removing human bias.

All can easily be customized to the recruiters needs within the assessment framework offering maximum flexibility and convenience.

It’s great to see recruitment processes improve using an application of the right technology at the critical spots.

HiringBranch helps organizations get great results.

Does SHL guarantee a performance improvement?

We do. Gone are the days of guessing skills in an interview. Rely on technology do it for you with 99% accuracy and boost your hire quality, guranteed.

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Some of our happy customers
some of our happy customers
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