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How Do Virtual Contract Recruiters Help Companies Hire Fast And Accurately?

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August 23, 2021
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How Do Virtual Contract Recruiters Help Companies Hire Fast And Accurately?

The modern workplace has seen some major structural shifts over the past few decades. More and more companies embrace technology, automation, and outsourced or contracted workforce in core functions across every department now. The workforce itself has changed as the older generation retires, and a new generation of workers bring forth new preferences for how they'd like to work. This change is not just propelling shift in the HR department within the organization but also in the way contract recruiters are hired and managed.

In the past decade, Human Resources departments have found themselves playing an increasingly vital role in creating and promoting an attractive corporate culture, analyzing performance and productivity, developing personalized programs to better support employees in meeting company goals, and fueling business growth with smarter and more precise hiring choices.

This new focus on HR is no accident. Organizations with their finger on the pulse have begun to recognize human capital as one of their most important resources—with their ability to stay competitive in an increasingly global marketplace dependent on the ability to attract and keep top talent.

The shift in thinking and a new emphasis on finding not just the "right" candidate but a "trainable" candidate has created new hiring challenges.

A lack of time and resources is a pain felt universally by Human Resources departments in nearly every industry. That's where Contract Recruiters and Virtual Recruiting solutions come in. They can provide the additional support HR needs to move ahead and make high-impact hiring decisions.

Driving Business Forward with Contract Recruiters

Most in-house HR teams find their time torn between managing payroll, benefits, procedures, internal communications, employee events, and recruitment. When the need to hire quickly or at a higher-than-usual volume arises, the lack of time, personnel, or resources can hold in-house teams back.  

Contract recruiters are called in for precisely this reason. They are skilled at onboarding quickly by bringing themselves up to speed on the needs, talent gaps, and culture at your organization. Once they have a sense of who you are and what kind of resources you need, they work with your in-house team to begin the process of filling open positions at your company. Contract Recruiters lend their skills and resources to your recruitment efforts and support your HR team in filling roles as quickly and efficiently as possible.  

How do Contract Recruiters meet demand?

Contract Recruiters can help you improve your recruitment and selection process so you can be sure you're bringing the right people on board in the most time and cost-effective way possible. They help improve your hiring efforts in several crucial ways:  

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Immediate & Cost-Effective Scale        

Bringing in Contract Recruiters on a short-term basis is the fastest and most effective way to expand your HR team without the need to offer permanent, full-time, salaried HR positions.

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Fill High-Volume Projects        

When you're facing a personnel shortage as you head into peak season or need to bring on extra help to tackle a big project—a contract recruiter can help you get those positions filled in the shortest time possible.

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Onboard Quickly        

If you're using a new recruiting vendor every time you need to hire new employees, you may be setting yourself up for subpar results. Recruiting agencies unfamiliar with your brand will require time to understand your needs and the types of candidates you're looking for. Contract Recruiters are adept at making this process more efficient, and Virtual Recruiting Solutions virtually eliminate this common point of frustration.

While we have been dependent on contract recruiters for ages. Is there a better solution that further eases the process and accelerates recruitment?

A Cutting-Edge Strategy — Virtual Recruiting Solution on Demand

While Contract Recruiters can help in-house HR departments quickly and efficiently scale their recruitment efforts, there's another solution that allows for even greater agility and efficiency. Virtual Recruiting Solution is a hiring process that takes place remotely, allowing you to save time and resources as you tap into a global talent pool. And with the help of AI-powered platforms, Virtual Recruitment automates much of the hiring process.

Imagine if you could use technology to evaluate thousands of candidates effortlessly and on an as-needed basis?

Hiringbranch pre-hire assessment tests allow you to evaluate candidates for the most in-demand skills effortlessly. Using Virtual Recruiting on-demand, you can take advantage of a cutting-edge strategy that delivers performance-based results and increase speed-to-hire by an average of 90%.

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Hire for the skills that will set your employees up for success and reach your company goals by replacing Contract Recruiters with a Virtual Recruiting solution that puts the power to attract high-quality candidates in your hands.

What Are the 5 Biggest Benefits of Using an Automated Virtual Recruiter instead of Contract Recruiters?

There are many benefits to using an automated Virtual Recruitment solution; we've listed our top five below:

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Scalable Output

Virtual Recruiting platforms are designed specifically for high-volume hiring, giving you high-quality and high-output results and the ability to increase recruitment during peak hiring seasons with ease.

LearningBranch_high quality output

Data-Driven Results

Test your candidates' language and communications skills and make better hiring decisions with the help of a proven data-driven framework.

save time

Save Time and Reduce Costs

Pre-screening results are available immediately, so you can very quickly screen thousands of candidates with minimal effort.

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Reduce Bias

Using an AI-powered platform can eliminate the unconscious bias that hinders diversity and growth and standardize your approach to selecting new candidates.


Cutting-Edge Approach

Virtual recruitment provides accurate and reliable results and supports the growing trend towards the no-interview hiring model.

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Virtual Recruitment Solution requires an initial investment of resources and training as your HR team adopts new technology to support their hiring efforts. Still, the savings over the long term are often significant. Organizations have saved up to 90% of their hiring costs using these Virtual Recruitment Solutions. Unlike agencies and independent Contract Recruiters, Virtual Recruiters don't require extensive time to align with your company culture first—saving you time and money.

Virtual Recruitment platforms like the fully integrated AI-driven platform from HiringBranch, provide you with a reliable and effective way to streamline and increase your speed to hire and select high-performing employees. HR automation can reduce your per-hire costs and expenses, encourage inclusivity and diversity, improve performance, and help you to make better hiring decisions overall—making Virtual Recruitment the obvious choice for Human Resources processes and technology in the future. Contact us today to learn how to put Virtual Recruitment to work for you.

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