A catalyst for confident hiring

From launching as a learning solution in 2017 to becoming a full AI assessment suite today, we have consistently delivered technology that talent teams rely on to feel confident in their hiring and deliver performance.

We build technology to help you build your forever team

AI is changing how recruiters work, alleviating them of the task to assess soft skills manually.

And while this AI is complex, we make it easy. It is our mission to provide simple, meaningful soft skills assessment tools so hiring teams can stop guessing and know who will do the job well, before giving them the job.

The result, is better performing teams all around.

We care deeply about delivering value in troves

Our value doesn’t begin and end with assessments - our value thrives in performance. If you know precisely what skills make top performers (and we do), you can accurately and instantly select who has the skills to drive your business forward from the candidate pool .

Our values


There’s always a better way, we just need to invent it. We ask questions, find solutions, share useful ideas, and build anew where we can.


Transparency removes fear and we’re fearless. It fosters respectful communication. It leads to trust and trust is the foundation of great teamwork.

Diversity Equality & Inclusion

We understand that opportunities are not created equal, but should be. We know that success is genderless and raceless. Heck, we’ve proven it in our product and we live by it.


We own mistakes, break stuff, ask for help and grow because of it. We’re not robots even if we build them.


We show up to work with integrity, choose to be curious over defensive and say only things about fellow employees that we would say directly to one another.


We wake up every day thinking about our customers. We put ourselves in their shoes so that we can build products that help them be their best selves.

Meet our leadership team

Stephane Rivard
CEO & Co-Founder
Patricia Macleod
Eric Dofonsou
Chief Technology Officer
Assaf Bar-Moshe, PhD
VP of Research and Development
Kevin Victor
VP Sales & Partnerships
Beth Thouin
Chief Marketing Officer
Annie Bergevin
Chief Financial Officer

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