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Stop screening manually when AI can do it for you using open-field tasks and scenarios tailored to your jobs.

We guarantee hiring performance improvement


selection accuracy


bad hire rate


faster time to hire

Talent teams don’t predict job fit anymore, they measure it

On-the-job tasks

Candidates do the job before getting the job with tasks tailored to your role and industry.

Speaking, writing, reading, listening, customer focus, and quality scoring
Open speech and text
17 Languages

Scientific scoring

With open speech and text responses, AI analyzes hundreds of data points to score skills accurately.

Customized rubric scoring
Proprietary data models

Real-time reporting

Know in a glance who to move through the process or deep dive to find hidden talent.

Custom pass threshold
Custom skill gap analysis
Automated skill training mapping
Inter-site or department analysis
Performance correlation
Open-text questions
Open-text questions
Open-text and speech tasks gives AI thousands of data points to measure skills unbiasedly and more reliably than multiple choice.
Monitor candidates through video face detection to prevent and detect cheating.
Mobile first
Mobile first
Offer the best candidate experience on mobile (and desktop) for on- or off-site assessments.
Fully accessible
Fully accessible
Broaden your candidate pool to talented people who may experience a disability or impairment.
Unique assessments
Unique assessments
There are no two assessments that are the same between our customers. Every one is optimized for your needs.
Measure your existing talent's skills with Benchmarking. Then we work together to improve those metrics.
Security compliance
Security compliance
We are System and Organization Controls (SOC2) compliant - the ultimate security measures to keep your data safe.
24/7 Candidate support
24/7 Candidate support
We support candidates with live people 24 / 7 to give your candidates the best possible support. No chatbots.
Dedicated account manager
Dedicated account manager
Get the white-glove service with a team behind your account optimizing and pulling custom data reports.

Built-in features for high-volume hiring

Offer top-notch candidate experiences while improving the quality of your hiring results, all with exceptional white-glove service from the HiringBranch team.

The People Skills FrameworkTM

The People Skills Framework is the foundation of HiringBranch platform. It tells our AI which combination of skills are needed for a specific role in a given industry.

Ability to listen, speak, read and write
Essential soft skills all candidates must have
Essential soft skills for specific roles
Essential soft skills for specific industries
Pilot Program

Getting started (risk-free) is easy

Start by piloting a tailored assessment with a batch of candidates. Then move to implementation after we've proven a return on your investment.

Not convinced? More reasons talent teams love HiringBranch

Find hidden talent

Avoid ‘jumpers’ and hire hidden gems who might not have the experience you screen for. Maybe a psychology graduate is great at the help desk or a veteran aces customer service. Measure skills, instead of resumes.

Improve DE&I with unbiased hiring

HiringBranch technology is inherently unbiased. We believe in fairness for all. We don't collect gender, race, native language, sexual orientation or location. Read more here.

Pre and post-hire training

HiringBranch's candidate assessments help new hires start off strong and our training courses keep them strong. Trainings simulate real phone, email or chat conversations for optimal and realistic learning. Learn more here.

Global Telecommunications Company Sees 10X ROI

"Attrition has decreased 14% combined through all our sites. We wanted better hires that last longer and we got it!" Global Director of Call Centers


Less attribution


More completions

Read more case studies from companies improving attrition, quality and speed.

Frequently asked questions

Will adding an assessment lengthen my hiring process?

Absolutely not, it shortens it. Assessments make sure that your team is focused only on candidates you know can do the job. This saves you time on screening and often eliminates screening interviews altogether.

Do I need to do anything for the AI to work?

There is no feedback or signals that you manually have to do inside of HiringBranch. When we want to optimize the scoring algorithms to your performance data, we'll work together to input the necessary parameters so we can correlate hiring quality to the assessments. It's as simple as sharing your KPIs in a spreadsheet with your HiringBranch dedicated account manager. Other than that, the science behind our AI-scoring is all us.

As a recruiter, will HiringBranch replace my job?

Absolutely not. Think about HiringBranch as a productivity tool for recruiters. It eliminates the manual work of assessments and frees up time to focus on more strategic tasks.

Will candidates actually do the assessment?

Yes and once they start an assessment, we see an average completion rate of 90% or greater. With built-in instructions, it's easy for candidates to complete the assessment on their own once employers email them the link. We'll automatically send reminder emails to candidates who haven’t started their assessment.

What are the languages offered?

Our assessment is offered in the following languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Mandarin, Turkish, Polish, Japanese, Swedish, Hindi, and Arabic. But only English and French have automated AI scoring.

What if you don’t have an assessment for the role I am hiring?

We pride ourselves in tailored assessments. That’s the magic! If we don’t have an assessment you need, you can request one and our research team will see if we have the supporting data to build AI scoring for that role. We are always adding new roles to our roster.

Can we customize the content of assessments so that it is specific to what we evaluate?

Yes, we can establish a scoring rubric based on two factors: our proven taxonomy (we call it The People Skills Framework), as well as the skills your team needs.

Can the HiringBranch tool integrate with our internal recruiting software or applicant tracking system?

Yes, we have many active partnerships and integrations, plus we're adding more all the time. Talk to us to find out what is currently available and if custom integration is possible.

Can candidates view their scores?

No, candidates are not able to view their own scores in the platform. Currently only recruiters can view scoring, recordings, and averages across skill categories.

What can candidates do to prepare for the assessment?

It’s best that candidates don’t prepare. We want to capture their spontaneous responses inside the assessment. We do provide a short instruction video at the onset of the assessment to set expectations for candidates and help them with their tech set up (i.e. microphone and speakers).

Does your assessment score accents?

Candidates are scored based on their ability to pronounce the sounds of the target language as clearly as possible. This does not mean that they have to be a native speaker of this language. They can have an accent, but need to be intelligible, as this is what is being scored.

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