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The results are impressive! We’ve reduced the number of interviews by over 80% and the candidates are performing extremely well.

Haley Serrano Zakia, Fundraising Direct

Authentic and comprehensive

HiringBranch assesses how candidates speak (spelling, syntax, grammar) and more importantly what they say (relevance, attention to detail, customer focus, performing under pressure). It's also customized by industry. There are no right or wrong answers, just real-time authentic and comprehensive assessments.

We guarantee hiring performance improvement

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Enter your employability

Every company has unique soft skills requirements e.g. banks need people who pay attention to detail while care providers need people who rank high on empathy. We identify your attribute needs, then benchmark your existing best talent as north star attributes for your HiringBranch four-in-one assessment.

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Four-in-One contextual assessments

The best hires are people people, not just good speakers. HiringBranch's artificial intelligence technology assesses language, communication, employability, and soft skills in one go. Plus, assessments are industry specific to tell us if your candidate will excel in your unique environment.

Good, better, best candidates in a glance

No screening! No interviews! View assessment results in your dashboard as they come in and hire only the best or the near best and train them up.

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The People Skills Framework

View all the proven employability soft skills HiringBranch measures

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