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Thank you for calling. That is frustrating when your video freezes during a work call. I can definitely help you troubleshoot what is happening and see if it is related to the speed of your internet.

Stop assessing telecom soft skills manually. Rely on AI to do it faster.


Telecommunication contact centers (in-house or outsourced) work smarter with HiringBranch

Process more candidates
HiringBranch makes it easier for candidates to apply and for hiring managers to screen. It’s that simple.
Why wake up to a backlog of applications when you can wake up to a prioritized list of skilled candidates?
Be competitive
Impress candidates with our mobile modern candidate experience and hire the top-skilled talent before others do.
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Candidate Experience

Candidates respond to scenarios with open speech or text as if they were already on the job. Our AI picks up their soft skills then measures and ranks them so recruiters know who to prioritize.
You are an IT help desk agent working at an internet company.
Listen to the following customer call. Respond to the customer. Let them know that you understand their specific issue and that you are going to help them.

What scenarios do you need?

Your hiring needs are unique. We tailor assessment scenarios to your objectives, role, and industry.
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For teams of 20 to 200+, common telecommunication assessments include:

Hidden talent
Avoid ‘jumpers’ and hire hidden gems who might not have the experience you screen for.
Quality hires
Sit back and watch what happens when your new hires start exceeding your expectations.
Set candidate expectations
Give a realistic picture of the job so candidates make an informed decision and you improve turnover.

Tales from HR

HiringBranch customers see dramatically better hiring results while saving an incredible amount time.
12,000 applicants a month
HiringBranch helps us know who to move forward with and invest our time in. HiringBranch guides us.
Director of Operations in Telco
Making 22 hires per week
We can move more candidates through. We’re more competitive because candidates aren’t afraid to apply and the test is interactive and conversational. They “get a realistic expectation of the job”.
Senior Recruiter in Telco
Manages 11 recruiters over 3 sites
Life is simpler and faster with HiringBranch.
Head of Recruitment in Telco

Telecommunication contact centers move fast. We can help you move faster and hire better quality.

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some of our happy customers
Some of our happy customers

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Forget moving one pre-hire metric, this is never-seen-before data on what the HiringBranch assessment is capable of AFTER THE HIRE.