Standardised Test 

A study: HiringBranch vs standardized language tests

Standardized Language Tests have been the go-to tool for HR for decades. Why is HiringBranch's four-in-one assessment better?

We set out to dig deeper into the differences by putting HiringBranch to the test in this white paper.

We put a group of contact center candidates through both the HiringBranch four-in-one English assessment as well as an industry-leading standardized English language test. Then we compared the results.

Spoiler alert! The two tests selected different candidates for passing. The standardized language test ranked highly some candidates that the HiringBranch test did not recommend for hiring, and the differences were significant for job performance. The opposite was true too - the standardized language test overlooked some candidates who made the grade using HiringBranch.

Find out what the differences are (with examples) in this study.

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