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A Fortune50 standardizes hiring globally and drastically improves hires' performance

A global Fortune 50 online retailer came to HiringBranch looking to standardize pre-hire communication assessments and correlate with performance. With in-house and outsourced call centers using different testing methods, the quality of hired candidates varied greatly. Plus, they were hiring too many unqualified candidates. How could they correlate communication skill ability with job performance? With HiringBranch.


Candidates who passed HiringBranch's four-in-one assessment had on average a 20% better reopen rate score, a 10% higher positive response rate and a 30% lower dissatisfaction rate than those who failed the test.

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A global online retailer generating over 240 billion in revenue with 2 million sellers and over 6 million 3rd party sellers employs 1000s of seller support associates. The associates operate in a dozen languages via voice and email from over 20 different sites around the world. Creating a global standard and improving performance is of utmost importance.


Language assessments aren’t working

With a diverse array of sites, both in-house and outsourced, all using different testing methods - the ability levels of hired candidates varied greatly resulting in inconsistent performance. In addition, the standardized language test used at most sites passed too many unqualified candidates. There was no data to correlate communication skill ability with job performance.


HiringBranch’s consistent, unbiased, soft skill assessment

HiringBranch designed a communication assessment for the company, customized for the role required. During the benchmarking period, the assessment results from 5EMEA sites were compared to key performance indicators. Not all candidates are tested in this hiring process. Candidates who self-declared as native speakers (in a non English language), were hired after an interview and did not go through HiringBranch testing.


HiringBranch’s assessment accurately selects the top performers

At the end of the benchmarking period, the data was in:260 non-HiringBranch hires (those candidates who did not receive the HiringBranch assessment) had a bad hire rate of 1.2%, whereas the 930 HiringBranch hires (those candidates who did receive the HiringBranch assessment) had an impressive bad hire rate of only .01%.

With this proof in hand, this Fortune 50 customer was ready to pass every candidate in 5 sites through HiringBranch’s assessment pre-hire and send offers to only the best.


Drastic ROI, consistent results and a global standard

The company saw significant cost reductions across the board saving 15,000 USD per poor hire not hired, cutting 50% of hiring time for recruiters and finally increasing speed to proficiency of hires by 1 day because candidates are familiar with the role when they start Day 1 training.

“HiringBranch is accurate, challenging and relevant. It instills confidence in our processes as we move towards a no interview model.”

Senior Manager, Talent Acquisition

This Fortune 50 now achieves a consistent >99% accuracy rate on good hires. What's more, they now have one standardized unified process to evaluate high-level (CEFRC1) communication skills, in 12 languages, globally and are expanding this process to all regions.

The result: a 300% return on their HiringBranch investment.

As this customer expands HiringBranch to more verticals and geographies globally, they are moving towards a 'no interview' model saving further costs.

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HiringBranch is an AI-powered hiring assessment driving down costs and improving performance for hiring teams around the world. HiringBranch evaluates not only what candidates say, but how they say it. Quick, accurate and authentic, it’s a soft skills and language assessment in-one-go. Serving hiring teams in retail, sales, health and IT of sizes 100 to 10000+, you too can hire confidently and effortlessly.

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