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Business writing practice from HiringBranch improves customer service

July 12, 2021
Business writing practice from HiringBranch improves customer service

The latest business writing practice module from HiringBranch is improving the customer service skills of hundreds of front line service providers in India and the Philippines. Released June 2018, it is getting top reviews from our contact center clients.

Our clients say thank you

This is an advancement for sure! Thank you!
- Soft Skills Lead, Mumbai
Defo looks great! The modules are definitely aligned with our program.
- Senior Trainer, Manila
I love this! HiringBranch makes our training much faster and more effective.
- VP Talent Development, Manila

About Business Writing - How to Write a Great Email

The latest module from HiringBranch focuses on improving email communications for front line service. In a series of mini activities it guides the learner on how to write better emails by using plain English, writing more clearly, and avoiding common errors and jargon. It also includes sections on email etiquette and appropriate formality.

Trainers can customize exercises and re-purpose real examples for maximum impact.

All activities are automatically scored by the HiringBranch platform. Trainers can also read, comment and provide personal feedback on test emails written by users.

art of the HiringBranch Communicating Professionally series, Business Writing is used together with the Grammar Refresher and the Customer Service practice modules.

Visit the HiringBranch catalog (formerly called LearningBranch) for more information.

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