Pilot HiringBranch for customer-facing roles

Picking a new technology partner is hard. That’s why we make it easy for you to prove out skills-based hiring before making a decision that impacts your hiring process.

Why pilot HiringBranch

Everything to gain, nothing to lose

Meet the team that works for you

See what it’s like first-hand to work with our customer success and research teams. Decide for yourself if this is the team you want behind your tech stack.

Accuracy & time savings

See for yourself how accurate the results are in a pilot. Ultimately, accurate skills assessment lead to shorter hiring times and improved hire performance.


Work with us on precisely what you need. We innovate every day to make AI work for your unique needs. Be a part of the innovation.

Better hiring performance starts here!

Seeing is believing. This is how the pilot works:


We meet to plan your pilot. In that meeting, we’ll a) identify your needs and success metrics b) do a deep analysis of your hiring process and KPIs.


Launch a tailored pilot assessment to a batch of candidates. Over 1 to 3 months we'll review the performance of the hires. Performance is the true tell on ROI.


We analyze the performance data and validate ROI based on improvements. We're verifying if the enhanced hire performance and reduced bad hire rates justify the investment.
less attrition
bad hire rates
faster time to hire

Do you qualify for a pilot?

You sure do if you need an assessment for customer-facing departments like customer service, IT help desk, compliance or sales. Hiring volume should be higher than 200 roles / year.

100% Success Rate on Pilots

100% of our pilot companies have gone on to partner with us and haven’t left yet. Conversely, all customers have grown with us.
Contact us now for a 30 minute pilot demo call.

There’s no better time than now to adopt AI and get ahead of AI productivity.

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Download our exclusive 2023 performance report

Forget moving one pre-hire metric, this is never-seen-before data on what the HiringBranch assessment is capable of AFTER THE HIRE.