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Join us for parties, booth chats, and learn about our Pilot Program so you too, can fly high with AI skills assessments.
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October, 2023


October, 2023

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Our  Pilot Program

Whether you already use assessments formally or manually assess candidates informally, we build trust with customers before they fully implement HiringBranch.
HiringBranch Pilot Program
Together, we:
Identify your needs and success metrics.
Deep analysis of your hiring process and KPIs.
Identify an existing opportunity to launch the proof of concept with.
Identify your needs and success metrics.
This could be with a batch of 30 to 3000 candidates.
We tailor the pilot assessment to your role and industry.
Launch the pilot and collect the results.
This usually takes 1 to 3 months. We want to see how the HiringBranch hires perform post-hire.
Analyze the performance and validate ROI based on improvements.
We're verifying if the enhanced hire performance and reduced bad hire rates justify the investment. Our track record boasts a 100% success rate.

Who qualifies for the Pilot Program?

Any hiring teams for customer-facing departments like customer service, IT help desk or sales are the perfect candidates for HiringBranch assessments.
Hiring volume should be higher than 200 roles / year.

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Bonus Offer! Audit your current team and get benchmark data

Does your existing team have what it takes?
Details about our audit / pilot program, and special offer for companies that sign up before or during the HR Tech Conference

Meet The Team at HRTech

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Stephane Rivard
CEO & Co-Founder
Kevin Victor
VP of Partnerships and Sales
Evan White
PR and Media Relations
Patricia Macleod

Download our exclusive 2023 performance report

Forget moving one pre-hire metric, this is never-seen-before data on what the HiringBranch assessment is capable of AFTER THE HIRE.